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Application Layout

Post by KhaoticHero on Sun May 10, 2015 10:47 pm

| Please copy and follow the information below to make an application. |

1. Steam name:

2. SteamID:

3.Have you ever been staff on other servers?, if so what type of server and what rank were you in the server(s)?:

4.What is RDM, RDA and NLR? ( and how long is our NLR?):

5.Why do you want to be staff on our server? and how would you help the community?:

6.If you get staff on our server what would you not do?:

7.If you got staff on our server what would you do?:  

8.How would you punish someone who RDMed for there first time on the server?:

9.Why do you think your fit for staff on our server?:

10.If a staff member is abusing his/her privileges what would you do?:

11.Would you ban hackers/modders from the server and would you tell the Staff Manager if there were hackers/modders on the server?:

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